Case Study.

Senior Living.

A senior living provider with multiple communities sought to recruit for a variety of roles via social media, from healthcare positions like Nurses and CNAs to Dining and Environmental services. They faced challenges such as high Cost Per Click (CPC) due to competition and the complexity of managing numerous short-term campaigns across different locations and positions.


Swish Advertising designed an extensive social media campaign tailored to all client markets, with a special focus on consistent recruitment for healthcare roles. By transitioning to continuous ads, the campaign allowed for optimization beyond what was possible with previous short-term strategies.

The messaging strategy was also revamped to highlight the benefits of working at Trilogy, moving beyond the repetitive “we’re hiring” messages used in local ads.


The strategic social media campaign orchestrated for a senior living provider yielded remarkable results, reflecting the effectiveness of continuous optimization and targeted messaging. These achievements underscore the campaign’s significant impact on recruitment efforts:

  • 25% increase in social media Click-Through Rate (CTR) by the second month.
  • 21% of career site traffic originated from this social media campaign.
  • Escalation to 100+ applicants per month by the ninth month, compared to an average of 17/month in the first 90 days.



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