Case Study.

Service Tech.

A national service organization was faced with the urgent need for rapid workforce expansion to support ambitious growth plans, aiming to enter 10 new markets within a mere 4 months. The critical positions targeted included service technicians, branch managers, and customer service representatives.


After a thorough evaluation of the organization’s hiring needs and timeline, Swish Advertising executed a comprehensive strategy that included:

  • Leveraging Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase visibility and attract potential candidates.
  • Developing targeted landing pages designed to efficiently convert visitor interest into actionable applications.
  • Implementing advanced metrics tracking to optimize campaign performance and ensure the most effective use of resources.


Within a remarkable timeframe of just 90 days, the organization successfully recruited over 600 service technicians. This rapid hiring not only met the immediate workforce needs but also significantly reduced the average cost per acquisition (CPA) from $15.50 to $9.42. Furthermore, the strategic approach led to an impressive cost per hire (CPH) of $350, demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of the adopted strategies in meeting the organization’s ambitious hiring goals.

  • 600 Service tech hires within 90 days
  • $9.42 CPA down from $15.50
  • $350 Cost Per Hire



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