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We strive to make Swish Advertising the leading global recruitment advertising solution

With over 24 years of experience, Bill is a visionary leader known for transforming agencies through innovation and results-driven marketing. His passion lies in aligning marketing strategies with business goals to deliver real impact for clients.

Lisa-Marie Davidson

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa-Marie Manso-Davidson serves as the dynamic COO of Swish Advertising, bringing over a decade of legal and strategic experience from her tenure at Burton Copeland.

Renowned for her strategic partnerships and alignment of marketing with business objectives, she ensures Swish delivers exceptional recruitment marketing solutions.

Beyond her COO duties, Lisa-Marie is a published author, speaker, and thought leader, contributing significantly to both Swish’s success and the broader advertising industry.

Lynn Torrico

VP of Client Services

With a wealth of experience underpinning her role as VP of Client Services, Lynn Torrico stands as a cornerstone of client satisfaction at Swish Advertising. Her deep industry insights, honed over decades, drive the agency’s strategic and proactive service delivery.

Lynn’s extensive background is pivotal in shaping Swish Advertising’s reputation for exceptional service and results, ensuring the agency’s leadership in the field through her seasoned expertise and collaborative approach.

Jacob Borochaner

VP of New Business Development

Jacob leads the New Business sector at Swish Advertising, focusing on transforming creative ideas into compelling campaigns. His expertise in strategic development drives him to foster partnerships that benefit clients and the agency alike, emphasizing the impact of innovative marketing.

Beyond his professional life, he finds motivation in his role as a devoted husband and father to a newborn son. His family’s support fuels his passion and success in the advertising field.


Tim Daly

VP of Enterprise Sales

Tim Daly, the VP of Enterprise Sales at Swish Advertising, has a storied career in driving business growth and enhancing sales across various sectors. His tenure at Tell All Digital and Bayard Advertising highlighted his ability to forge strong client relationships and develop effective marketing strategies.

Tim’s expertise in digital marketing and client management makes him a valuable asset in expanding Swish’s enterprise clientele.

Joe McMonagle

VP of New Business Development

He brings years of expertise in construction staffing, recruiting, and recruitment marketing to Swish Advertising, joining a team renowned for its decades-long success in recruitment advertising.

Leveraging groundbreaking technology exclusive to the industry and a strategic alliance with Brand Advance, a global leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), the potential for achievement appears boundless.

Jade Paris

Inside Sales Representative

Jade at Swish Advertising skillfully merges creativity with analytics in sales, adept at translating client needs into successful advertising solutions. Her command over marketing trends and strong client communication highlight Swish Advertising’s value.

Jade’s innovative problem-solving sets the company apart in recruitment advertising. Beyond her role, she enjoys thrift shopping and community engagement, contributing significantly to Swish Advertising’s growth and client satisfaction.

Lia Renee

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Lia serves as the Executive Assistant to Bill Davidson, CEO of Swish Advertising, where her keen eye for detail and proactive approach ensure seamless operations at the highest level.

With a background in administration, Lia leverages her organizational skills and industry knowledge to support CEO Davidson effectively. Known for her exceptional communication and multitasking abilities, Lia plays a vital role in Swish Advertising’s success, contributing to its growth and prominence in the market.

Cameron Manuli

Graphic Designer

Cameron Manuli is the creative force behind Swish Advertising’s visual identity. With a passion for design and a keen eye for aesthetics, Cameron crafts compelling graphics that elevate the brand’s presence.

Collaborating closely with the team, Cameron’s work reflects a perfect blend of creativity and strategic vision, driving Swish Advertising’s success in the realm of graphic design.

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Swish Advertising is a global boutique agency that specializes in helping large corporations attract, engage, and convert top talent.

We leverage digital platforms, advanced marketing techniques, and deep market insights to build strong employer brands and efficient recruitment strategies, ensuring our clients stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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