Case Study.

Call Center.

Our client, undergoing rapid expansion, aimed to boost applicant volume for call center positions. However, their existing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns were not meeting the set targets, leading to a shortfall in their recruitment efforts.


We quickly implemented a programmatic approach that allowed us to broaden our media channel mix and leverage down-funnel data. This strategy enabled real-time budget allocation to high-performing media, resulting in a significant increase in high-quality, cost-effective applications. Additionally, our tracking model provided the organization with detailed ROI (Return on Investment) data, facilitating more informed and strategic business decisions moving forward.


Our strategic approach yielded remarkable outcomes, with the number of applications surpassing 400, marking an increase of more than threefold compared to the previous period. Furthermore, we achieved a conversion rate of 5.25%, significantly outperforming the benchmark of 3%. This exceptional performance not only highlights the effectiveness of our tailored solutions but also underscores our ability to dramatically enhance recruitment efficiency and quality for our clients.

  • 400+ Applications (More than 3 Times the Previous Period)
  • 5.25% Conversion Rate (Benchmark is 3%)



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