Case Study.

Healthcare Youtube.

A healthcare company sought to boost brand visibility for Registered Nursing positions. Prioritizing both prominent brand representation and increased application volume, their primary goal was to establish a compelling presence in the job market.


Media consumption has surged by 60% across digital channels like digital radio and connected TVs. YouTube watch times have skyrocketed by nearly 300% year over year, indicating a significant uptick in content consumption. Swish Advertising leveraged this surge to target key audiences effectively, particularly during periods when individuals actively sought new job opportunities or faced displacement from their current roles.

The Approach.

The healthcare company initiated a YouTube for Action campaign, emphasizing lead generation with Cost-Per-Apply objectives. Leveraging Custom Audiences, they pinpointed high-intent Registered Nurse job seekers with precision. Swish Advertising effectively reached this audience at a predefined CPA, leading to increased applicant flow and a decrease in overall CPA.


The healthcare company witnessed heightened brand awareness and achieved a 9% increase in overall conversions compared to running standalone Search/SEM campaigns. Target CPA goals were achieved by Month 1, and by Month 2, Swish Advertising reduced CPAs by 14%, positioning YouTube as the second most effective Google Ads product after Search/SEM.

  • 14% Increase in Overall Conversion Volume
  • 9% Increase in Overall Conversion Volume



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