Case Study.


A major cold storage and shipping company approached Swish Advertising after tripling their expenditure with a prominent job board, yet witnessing stagnant results. Despite the increased spending, clicks and applications failed to show any significant growth.


Swish Advertising employed a diverse strategy to increase clicks and applications, utilizing programmatic trading, conversion-enhancing integrations, and tapping into new traffic sources like Google and Facebook.


This strategic overhaul led to a notable decrease in cost per click (CPC), dropping from $24 to $16. Equally impressive, the cost per application (CPA) saw a significant reduction, moving from $70 to a stable $40 over three months. These financial efficiencies, combined with a quadrupling of traffic on the same budget, significantly bolstered the company’s competitive stance in talent acquisition, especially against formidable competitors like Amazon, by leveraging their strategic warehouse locations.

  • CPCs have decreased to $16 (from $24).
  • CPA went from $70 to $40, where it has hovered for a three-month time period.
  • The client’s 4x increase in traffic with the same budget has significantly aided their talent competition against Amazon, given their warehouse locations.



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