Case Study.


A leading healthcare firm aimed to bolster brand visibility and awareness for Registered Nursing roles amidst increased competition. The goal was to elevate brand recognition and enhance the influx of job applicants, securing more qualified leads while reducing the cost per apply (CPA).


The healthcare company initiated cross-channel remarketing, utilizing Google Search traffic to engage job seekers on Facebook and Instagram. Swish Advertising strategically implemented this consumer-focused approach, seamlessly transitioning job seeker traffic from Google Search to branded ads on Facebook and Instagram, enhancing applicant flow and reducing the CPA.


The strategic initiatives led to a noteworthy 15% increase in conversion volume, demonstrating a significant uptick in engagement and interest among potential applicants. Moreover, we achieved a 14% reduction in cost per apply (CPA) across both platforms, marking a dual achievement in both enhancing efficiency and optimizing expenditure. These outcomes not only reflect the success of the cross-channel remarketing strategy but also underscore the effectiveness of our targeted approach in attracting more qualified candidates at a lower cost.

  • 15% Increase in Conversion Volume
  • 14% Lower CPA Across Both Platforms



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